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Interaction & UI/UX Design                     3 Weeks, Spring 2018                      School Project
Project Brief
Mention Hawaii and one cannot forget the country's false ballistic missile alert scare. As a result of poor UI design, my aim was to design a clear, secure, and forgiving alert system to reduce the devastating effects of human error. This alert redesign would be part of a larger design system and be used by system operators.
The Problem

Inconsistent naming conventions and the lack of ability to group alerts creates confusion between false and real alarms.
No Visual Cues
A lack of visual cues and reminds of the operator actions creates pockets of attention and focus loss.
No Flexibility 
After alert confirmation, no safety net is considered if the operator recognizes an error last minute. 
Create Structure 
Allow user familiarity with alert kinds through clear categorization 
and iconographic differentation.

Integrate Security 
Design and embed security checks in which require user focus and
awareness; in addition provide a safety net to correct their mistakes
Ensure Efficiency
Consider that emergency operators must work under time-sensitive circumstances; ensure the process does not bog down their work flow
In sketching user flows, frequency, timing and location of security
checks became visually clear how their placement would hinder users
from working both efficiently and smoothly. 
Conceptualization of a dashboard for the alert system to live in also
developed and provided a non-intrusive home for categorical structure
and familiarity of various alerts. 
Where are the wires? 
In this project, wireframes were eliminated from the design process for the sake of time. I was challenged to explore and communicate different user journeys and visual layouts clearly through sketches. 
Final States
The final screens present a when an operator logs in to familiarize themselves with test alerts and real alarms. Issuing an alarm is expanded to a requiring an immediately before launch. Ais available within the first 20 seconds.

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